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Need-More-ClientsGrow Your Business In 2011 Despite The Ecomomy!

If you're a small business looking to grow your business in 2011, the answer is simple: Internet Marketing!
In 2011 successful businesses will be those that  effectively use Internet marketing to find new customers.

Unfortunately many will spend a lot of time and money to sadly discover that their prospects and clients still
are not able to find their company online and worse they are finding their competitors instead.

The 1st Rule Of Marketing is  . . . "Go Where The Customers Are!"

All the customers you NEED are already in your local area!  Everyday you drive around your local area and
literally pass hundreds of local consumers that NEED the exact product or service that your business offers.

They have a NEED!  They NEED you!  But they either don't know about your business or they can't find you
because they don't see you or your current BRAND.

Every business has a BRAND!  Unfortunately 99.9% of those BRANDS are ineffective or impossible to remember or both!  The solution for you to grow your business in 2011 is to use a great .COM BRAND and to be seen by all of the local prospects already looking for you!

So just what makes a GREAT .COM BRAND?

  •  A BRAND that is Easy to remember.
  •  A BRAND that Exactly Describes what your business does.
  •  A BRAND that Tells your prospects and clients where to find you.
  •  A BRAND that is Highly Visible everywhere you go.
  •  A BRAND that is Cross-Promoted by up to twenty other local brands.

How can we help your business?  

We make it easy for local consumers to see you and find you!  Here's how . . .

  • We will help you brand your business with one of our great - Easy To Remember NEED-BRANDS. We have one just right for your business!
  • We will help you use one of our great NEED-BRANDS in your local market.
  • We will work exclusively with only you and only you in your local market. First come - First serve!
  • We will design and provide you with Highly Visible BRAND decals to help make your business vehicle VISIBLE.
  • We will Cross-Promote you with up to 20 other NEED-BRAND advertisers in your local market.


Does this Internet Marketing actually work?

We know first hand that this type of .COM BRANDING absolutely works and we want the chance to prove it to you!

With our 100% Money Back Guarantee, you can find our for yourself with Absolutely No Risk!
Try it for sixty days and if you are not happy with the results, we will gladly refund 100% of your money. Guarantee Terms

How much does it cost?

Effective marketing ALWAYS makes you money - it doesn't cost you money!

The advertising fees in small counties start at $50 per month and the largest counties start at $250 per month.  Counties over 3,000,000 population may be shared by non-competiting company's.  

Need a little more incentive?  Be the first advertiser in your State and we will reward you with a full 50% discount!  However, if you are the first advertiser in your City, we will reward your with a 25% discount!

How do I get started?

  1. Navigate to your State and or City Page.
  2. If we have available BRANDS on that page, click the BRAND and Reserve your territory.  This will effectively Lock-Out your competition for 10 days until we get you fully setup!
  3. If your State or City page is still under development, click the appropriate link on the page or use the Contact form, fill out the form and submit it to us.  We will do the rest!

What is the secret of our Success?

  • We help local prospects that already NEED your business to both See and Remember you by helping you brand your businessvehicle.
  • We help you send those local prospects to the Internet to type in your NEED-BRAND and not to a search engine.
  • We Cross-Promote all of our NEED-BRAND advertisers in your local community.
  • We utilize the "Social Media" tools to spread the word about your NEED-BRAND and your company.
  • We make "Search-Engine" food so the hungry search engines will find and present all of our advertisers.